Farm Records



Ram - 1
Ewes - 6
  ~Noticed 3 original ewes were bagging up on the 21st of May. Surprised because we didn't think the ram bred any of the sheep.
  ~Fernie gave birth to a ewe lamb on May 29th in the morning. Ewe lamb was named Fenella.
  ~ Flora gave birth to a ewe lamb on June 2nd in the morning. Ewe lamb was named Fiona.
  ~Juice gave birth to a ram lamb on June 2nd, late in the night. Ram lamb named Hatty Pants. Banded the ram lamb 3 weeks after birth.
  ~Newer 3 ewes did not get pregnant.

  ~Lamb crop of 2013 is 3 lambs total. We plan on keeping both ewe lambs and butchering the whether.


Started out the year with Gus and Penny. We plan on butchering Gus in the Fall of 2013, but have now decided to keep Penny as a breeding cow. She has turned out to be rather nice in conformation and disposition.

~Bought 6 breeding heifers in August of 2013 and they are to young to breed this Fall. We will most likely be breeding them in the Summer/Fall of 2014.
~#16 had pink eye and so doctored up her eye and gave her Bio Myecin 200 in hopes that her eye will heal. 8-18-2013  She is a high headed thing and once turned out of the chutes proceeded to jump 2 fences and got in with the renters steers. Will have to get her in soon to doctor her eye again.

~We may buy more heifers...


Started out with 25 chicks in February of 2013. Lost one the second night, butchered the rooster due to meanness, and lost two due to heat of the Summer.

~Currently have 21 chickens.
~Getting approximately 11-14 eggs a day

We are contemplating buying a few turkeys to harvest before Winter.


  1. you sound so very happy with your chosen life-i'm envious------jim

  2. We are very thankful with the lives that the Lord has blessed us with. I hope you stick around!

  3. Our daughter sent us the link to your site, and I've been rattling stuff off to my husband as he sits and tries to read the paper! You're making me restless as we've got some of the same dreams you and your family are already living out! (We need to sell our house before we can kick our dream into action!) I love the idea of a coop on've got my mind whirling on those possibilities! I also love it that we completely know what your faith is saying--we love that same Savior!! Karen

    1. Thanks for stopping by Karen! And I'm thrilled we serve the same Savior. Makes my heart happy. :) The chicken coop is our next project, so hopefully there will be pictures soon. This one probably won't have wheels due to us using a preexisting building, but we do want to build another one and make it mobile. Should be fun. Lord bless!


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