Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunshine + Fencing + Kids = A Great Day!

Here's my handsome hubby working on the fence.  As you will see his helpers are more interested in finding out how sturdy the fence is rather than actually "helping".   :)

Ella, a girl after her daddy's heart.  We had to pry the screw gun out of her hands so Seth could actually use it.

And here's the trio: Jude, Ella, and Silas.  What buds!

Frances, is always most entertaining.  The kids cannot keep themselves from her when they are outside.  She is sooo curious and will play anytime...and anywhere!

Do you see her paw sticking out through the hole?

She is tireless and so are the kids.  Pretty much a perfect match!

Franco is truly such a patient dog.  He lets Jude ride him like a horse and Jude absolutely loves it.  Jude doesn't like it, however, when Franco turns and licks his face.  You can't have everything the way you want it.  

The whole time that Seth and I were working on the fence, Jude was begging us to help him into the apple tree.  He wanted to pretend he was a mountain lion.  :)  When we were done Seth helped Jude and the other stooges into the tree.  They thought it was pretty cool and their own little mountain lioness joined in the fun!

This is the face of pure joy.

And here they are, the inseparable trio, and as one can see they are VERY happy!

What a fun day!  Our little Franci cat always joins into the fun.   ; )

Everytime Seth and I are outside working around our house we are always overwhelmed by the goodness of our great God.  He has truly blessed us beyond what we deserve and I am not only talking about our home.  We have been saved and nothing could compare with this blessing alone!  However, the Lord also gave Seth and I to each other and on top of that we have two wonderful kids and another on the way.  (Silas is my nephew, but I love him like my own child)  When I think about these things alone, everything else pales in comparison.  I am incredibly thankful though for everything that I have been given.  The Lord has granted Seth's and my wish to move back to the country to raise our kids and live a simpler life.  In light of all that He's done for us, we are striving to live lives that will be pleasing to Him.  May we all strive to know the love of our God more and to live and worship Him more fully!

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