Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Farm Life

   The farm life. It's a good one, but it does come with many unexpected twists and turns. I am still having to adjust to these and I am slowly getting my farm-wise skills back. (If you haven't ready my post on my farm upbringing, click here)
   This morning was no exception. During breakfast, I started to hear a frantic baaing from the back field.  I instantly knew I had a sheep out. I have to fight the stress of knowing that I'm on my own to get the wanderer back in. So with reluctance, I went outside and had a look at what I was dealing with. 

   It was definitely a better situation than I have had before.
   Over the past few months, I have had my fair share of escapees.  I don't enjoy it (I don't think any farmer does) and it's not the easiest thing to be chasing sheep, by yourself, on your road, and be pregnant at the same time. Oh, and I also have a 4 year old and a 2 year old to manage as well.

   I looked into the back field and counted 4 sheep.  One was missing.  Once I heard the direction of the baa, I looked into the garden and low and behold, there she was. Pacing back and forth, wondering how she got there.  I was wondering the same thing too.  After some mothering juggling, I had the kids eating their breakfast and I quickly rushed out the door to reunite the wanderer.  Much to my surprise (and relief), it was relatively easy to get the sheep in.

   The garden is completely fenced off, so even though the sheep was out of the designated pasture, she wasn't technically 'out'.

   Now, the task of fixing/blocking where she got out.  After quickly going back inside, I had the kids' clothes on, shoes on, and we were heading outside...again.  A few tools were needed, namely a screw gun, screws, and a few boards.  It wasn't the fence per se that allowed the escapee to do her thing, but a space between an old shed and the fence (see above photo).  The kids loved "helping" me screw the boards up. I do love my little helpers. And when all was said and done, Jude informed me that he fixed the fence all by himself.  I'll let him take the credit...for now.

   My heart was able to pump less erratically at this point and the kids and I could now enjoy and beautiful and warm summer morning.  We watered the garden and played until this pregnant momma (yours truly) couldn't handle the heat anymore...which wasn't very long.  Sorry kids!

   Before we came in, I did take a few pictures of my beloved herb garden.  It is not properly maintained, but it is thriving.  My black thumb is going to have to turn green soon if I want the garden to be a success.  I have to admit, I don't have a love of gardening like a lot of people do.  That's why I love my herb garden.  I planted it once, never watered it, and it still grows and gives me yummy herbs for my kitchen.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.

   I will be posting pictures of our garden as soon as it starts to sprout.  I am hoping it does.

   What are your unexpected happenings?

   Do you have a garden planted?  I'd love to hear about it!


***If your wanting to read about my other escapee adventures click here and here.
***The escapee this time was Juice, not Flora.  And there have been more adventures.

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