Friday, July 6, 2012

This is What Happens When... take a break from fixing fence, leave the kids with their daddy and papa in an irrigated field, and go inside to make lunch.  :)

As you can tell, my kids had WAY too much fun.  Literally.  Seth and my dad tried to convince me that there was no stopping this and I had to refrain from saying, "All you had to say" Sounds pretty easy to me.  Right?  Once I overcame my shock at seeing the kids playing in irrigation water, I stepped back to see that they were having such a good time and I hurried back to the house to get the camera.  I couldn't miss this moment.  Yes, the water is yucky and it stinks.  Yes, they had mud (and other stuff) in their hair and on their face. Yes, it was going to be a chore getting them clean. However, I do have to admit... was totally worth it.

The sounds of laughter was contagious and seeing the smiles on their faces made my heart glad.  Mothers, we need to enjoy moments like these and not get caught up in the details.

I love that my husband can relax and let the kids be kids.  I often get caught up in trying to keep them clean, just so I don't have to do any extra cleaning/bathing in a day.  I need to relax more, and let the kids have fun.  What kid doesn't want to play in a mud puddle and get filthy?  I know I did when I was little...and I have pictures to prove it.  ;)

The Lord has blessed me with so much and I am thankful for the wonderful, fun, dirty, stinky, and memorable moments like these!

***I did give the kids a bath as soon as they were done playing.  And lets just say, even though it was very warm outside, the kids did NOT like/appreciate getting bathed with a water hose on the front lawn.  Jude still said it was worth it.    : )

Enjoy the video!

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