Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not Just A Human.

A soul.

A living, breathing, image bearer of our God.

We get caught up in the busyness of our days, schedules, and commitments. Never pausing to take a breath let alone say a prayer for those easily forgotten. For those lost, young, and abused souls living in misery and torment. I am guilty of this. 

The Lord has been working on my heart to pray for more than my needs and those of my family that I love. Pray without ceasing. Pray for those whose lives are the topic of such debate as whether they're considered human until their born. Pray for those who are bought and sold for perverted pleasures and then sold once again. Pray for those whose bold witness for our great God cost them their lives and leave their families on earth without a father or a husband. Pray for those who just don't have enough money to support themselves,  put a roof over heads, or offer their own children a warm shower.

The Lord is good. He has saved me and placed me in a country where He can still be worshiped without His children facing persecution. A country where I can speak freely, have food and shelter, and be able to care for my family to the best of my ability. I thank the Lord for these comforts, but I can also use my freedom to be a voice for those who have been silenced.

By God's grace and providence I have come across a couple that is dedicating their lives to the freeing of women and children from the sex trafficking trade. They have formed a non-profit organization called The Exodus Road. Here, in their own words, is their mission statement:

"We're a non-profit organization that fights modern day slavery through covert investigations. Our coalition of operatives work together to gather evidence and conduct rescues for those trapped in sexual slavery."

They have allowed me to be a part of what they do. I have been given the opportunity to hear about their stories of rescue, of heart ache, and of redemption. I get to write and tell you about it. I get to pray for these dear souls and I hope that you will too.

Will you join me?


In the past few weeks I have also come across a blog that has convicted me to pray for those who are orphaned. I have been touched by this dear woman and her commitment to Christ. She truly has a heart for the 'least of these.'

Her name is Adeye and she writes the blog No Greater Joy Mom. Visit her, you'll be glad you did.

Right now she is doing her best to help a family raise money to help build a building for those who are in extreme need in Guatemala. I have done what I could, can you?

We aren't called to give to every good cause. I know this. If you do feel led to help, then I hope you will listen and do.

I could go on and on about what this family is doing, but reading it at the blog (, will give you such a better perspective. I hope you take a few moments out of your day to read more.

Go HERE, if you are interested in helping and learning more.

I thank you for visiting my blog. I love having you here. Please pray for the Lord's guidance in your life and be open to His direction.

What has the Lord placed on your heart? What are your convictions? I'd love to know!

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