Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A First Time For Everything

Don't ask me why, but every time I hear this phrase - insert the above post title - the song 'Some kind of wonderful', pops into my head. Weird I know, but it's true.

Moving on.

My precious Leah ate food for the first time. Oh, yeah! If you follow me on Facebook you'd know she was not fed the traditional first food, i.e. rice cereal or oatmeal. Oh no, nothin' but the best for my babe's.  She ate not one, but TWO egg yolks and loved it. And by loved it, I mean that you could hear her bite the spoon every time it got near her mouth. She sounded like a baby vacuum and indeed, she was.

Don't believe me? Take a looksy for yourself.

Now ain't she somethin'.

I love that what I'm feeding her is nourishing her and not just sitting in her gut,  rotting. Geee-ross.  If your wondering where I learned about feeding egg yolks (farm fresh, free range, organic egg yolks, that is) as a first food go HERE.

***And can we pause for a minute so I can gush about my new camera. Can you tell the picture quality is so much better than before? Can you see how clear it is and how lovely the colors are? I'm in love with Konni. Love I say. And now we can resume...

Hooo's this you say?

Meet our new pet owl. Jude named him Owl. Original, I know.

You know, at this moment, it could be debatable as to hooo's the cutest. Okay, okay, my munchkins are still the cutest. 

My dad found this little owl in the middle of the road by his house. Poor guy must have been hit. One eye was not looking great and one wing was kind of on the funky side instead of flighty. We thought he was a baby, but once Owl was taken to the vets we learned that he is a full grown screech owl. I thought they'd be larger. Hmm.

And, no, he's not really our pet. Just my wishful thinking spreading it's wings on this blog.

Can I just say that if it wasn't illegal, the owl not injured, and if I had the proper set up, I'd have a pet owl at the moment? I'm not a lover of birds really, but honestly can you blame a country girl for falling in love with such a bundle of feathery cuteness? I hope not.

Any hoo, there's a lot going on around this joint again. (Sorry for all the hooo's, I just can't help myself) It involves before and after pictures and the reconstruction is going on indoors. Have any guesses? I'll be posting about it soon, but not till the projects done and my dad gives the thumbs up. Since Seth has so much work keepin' him busy, we're having my dad do it for us.

Hurry up dad!

Just kidding. Kind of.

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  1. Oh my gosh, that owl is cute! And Jude's face in that picture, so funny!


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