Sunday, January 27, 2013

Are You Ready For Spring?

I am...getting there.

As you can see I am getting ready for the growing season by starting some avocado seeds. I've done this before, but not with much luck. I always could get the seed to start, but couldn't really get  a legit tree to grow. I figure I'll try again. What's the harm? I also have some lemon seeds I'm wanting to get going. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a few avocado and lemon trees planted around the farm that I grew from seeds that I saved?

Yep, thought so.

Last year I started a garden, but it was a major flop. By flop I mean, it didn't grow. The only thing my garden produced were beautiful produce-less plants and  miniature carrots, mainly due to the fact that my kids were so thrilled to see something actually edible, that they gobbled them up early. Sorry carrots, maybe this year you'll actually have a chance to grow big and strong. Maybe. I make no promises.

In all seriousness, I was 8 months preggo when I planted my garden last year and I did it late. I figured better late than never, but with how difficult it was to plant all those seeds, and have it be hot, AND be 8 months pregnant, I probably should have just said, "next year would be a better time to start gardening and I should just relax and enjoy this last month of pregnancy." Uh huh, riiiight.

Well, this year, NO excuses. I mean I have a full on green house. Oh yeah. What could stop me? Come on, I'm only trying to be a good
great fantastic wife, raise 3 kids, begin homeschooling, cook, clean, raise 6 sheep who hopefully will lamb in the Spring, raise 25 chicks and hope they make it to chickenhood (Yep, you heard me, 25 chickens and I said chickenhood. You know what they say, "go big or go home"), fatten up 2 cows, entertain 1 dog, and amuse 1 cat. I have time for planting seeds, caring for seedlings, transplanting the seedling to the garden, water, weed, water, weed, water, weed, pick produce, and weed. Right?

Anyone want to come and be a 'farm intern'? The pay is terrible, but I promise the food will be good, no...fantastic.

Any takers? Anyone?

No need to get down now, there's way to much to do. I'm off to go get my fingernails dirty.

Have I mentioned I hate dirt under my fingernails?

Never mind.


  1. Lol! This was the first post of yours I've read and loved it! Look forward to keeping up :)

  2. Ah, thanks Cassie! I'm glad to have you here. :)


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