Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goals and Achievements

Hi everyone! I hope you have had a great start to this new year. I will apologize now for my lack of posting. My family and I started GAPS last week and let's just say, I haven't left the kitchen except to nurse my babe and sleep. If you don't believe me, as my man.

***If your new here and want to read about my decision to go on GAPS, click HERE.

And while we're on the subject of GAPS let me just say...IT'S WORKING! I am so excited. We started last week and are now working our way into the full GAPS diet. It's has been a bit draining due to the amount of cooking I've had to do. It is a whole new way to me and therefore, there is a learning curve.

Now I know the world doesn't want to know this but, my son, has never really had a normal #2. And two days into the GAPS intro diet...bada bing bada boom...he's normal. And he's had normal #2's ever since. My girlie's is better too. Now for those of you who's children's #2 have always been normal, I applaud you. However, when I can literally 'see' that my kids' digestion is improving and things are normal for the first time, I pretty much start dancing and fist pumping the air. Not kidding. This is cause for celebration I tell you!

In case you were wondering, Seth and I are normalizing too. Enough about this conversation, I'm sure your verging on the side of too much info right now. And my hubby told me that I'm not allowed to say the 'P' word to him anymore. Soo...moving on!

I have some goals that I'm wanting to write out for the new year. Not necessarily New Years Resolutions, but things that I'd like to see happen. Or should I say...should happen. I love writing down lists and goals because it gives me something to cross off. I don't know about you but I feel just as fulfilled crossing off a 'to do' than I do actually performing the task. Is that weird?

Here it goes.

  • I'd like to make a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule so my time can be used more efficiently.
  • Continue with GAPS diet until we've had a few months of great digestion, then transition my cooking to be in line with traditional eating.
  • Clean out pantry 
  • Get a grain mill
  • Learn how to soak, sprout, ferment, and preserve anything
  • Learn about natural ways of healing ailments. 
  • Learn about the uses of essential oils.
  • Read, read, read, and oh wait, read.
  • Finish all the touch up paint in the house. Have I told you I despise painting. Any volunteers? Anyone?

  • Get my hands on a heirloom seed magazine and order some seeds. Soon!
  • Learn how to harvest seeds from my garden for future gardens.
  • Help hubby build the racks for the green house.
  • Watch the gardening video that is going to change forever how I (and maybe you) garden. (I ordered this yesterday and as soon as I watch it I'll do a review. Stay tuned!)
  • Learn how to control the little buggers naturally. No pesticides here, thank you.

  • Get everything ready for lambing in a few months. Oh, I hope we get lambs!
  • Order and prepare for chicks. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to get chickens. Thrilled really.
  • Have a few fencing parties and get some new fences built. I'd like a few more places to rotate my ladies. I really want to rotational graze my animals instead of having to feed them hay. Such a better and cheaper option.
  • Learn how to holistically and naturally treat animals for things such as worms, parasites, minor infections, and so on.

  • I'm going to start homeschooling Jude this fall, so I am needing to figure out what curriculum I want to use. Any ideas? Anyone?
  • Be more intentional with my time with my kids. Read, laugh, and play more.
  • Try to have devotions everyday with my kids. Such a wonderful time when it happens.
  • Take the kids to visit the elderly. We've done this a few times and we love it. It blesses our souls to see our young ones loving on the ones that can't leave home anymore. And as we all know, the elderly love children.

Spiritual Life
  • Be in the Word daily.
  • Be the helper that I am intended to me for my man.
  • Talk always to my kids about the reason we live on this lovely and yet wretched earth.
  • Memorize, memorize, memorize. Scripture of course.
  • Help the kids to start memorizing verses too.
  • Put my faith in action by loving on others.
  • Give the Proverbs 31 woman a run for her money!
I'm not sure this needs a category per se, but I also am really wanting to grow my blog. I am going to try to schedule my days so I can have more time for this. I'd really like to post about every other day.  I've seen it grow over the past week and its been amazing. For those of you who are new here, I give you a hearty WELCOME!

These lists aren't exhaustive, but a good starting point. I may add a few things later on.  I'd love to hear of your goals and heck, I'd love to hear your achievements as well.

And since this post runs the risk of lacking utter cuteness I leave you with these lovelies.

Such blessings.

Don't forget! Just like your getting to know me through my blog, I can't get to know you unless you talk back. I don't like it when my kids talk back, but you can be the exception.

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