Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rainy Day

I woke up this morning, had a look outside, and my heart smiled. I love rainy days. Rainy days on a farm can mean many things. It means an excuse to stay inside, snuggled up with kids, and not feel guilty about not accomplishing all the to-do's of the day. It means comfy clothes and baking. It means a mini-vacation.

I love mini-vacations. Perhaps, a little too much.

Rainy days on a farm can mean other things too. Not so fun things like, feeding animals wearing muck boots and being ankle deep in mud and 'natural fertilizer' , finding a new lamb and having to coax mama with the new baby into the barn, while getting soaked and covered in after birth. Or having to fix fence due to clever animals finding and making new escape routes. Believe it or not, I have probably at least 20 more scenarios in my mind. I'll spare you.

Today is a relaxing rainy day. Thank the Lord.

I grew up farming. All of the 'not so fun things' are memories that come flooding back like they happened yesterday. Most of my life was spent on a farm. We raised everything...except chickens. (That's soon to change in a few weeks!) In my younger years, I really disliked being a farm kid. I didn't like the work, the lack of freedom, and the never ending to-do's.

Amazing how time changes everything and maturity play's it's role. My dislike has transformed to fondness of my upbringing, and can I say...I love my roots.

Here's my lovely Ella before the rain really set in. Don't you love her style? I do.

Now that the rain is here to stay, I'm off to go and bake some cookies.

Au revoir.


  1. That looks like an outfit Cosette would pick out. :)

  2. Your girl must have style. :)


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