Friday, February 8, 2013

GOPRO Thursday #3

Yesterday morning started like any other. Wake up, nurse baby, make breakfast, and so on. It all was pretty routine until my Father-in-law came in to say, "Arlo's sheep had a lamb."

And that is when the excitement started.

Lambs! We've been waiting so long for this, even though these sheep aren't ours (thankfully). Up until a few weeks ago we didn't even think Arlo's sheep were bred. And last year they weren't bred because the ram got sick, so this day was a long time coming.

Anyhoo, farm-kid Noël was resurrected. How you say? Well, growing up I was known for absolutely not caring what I looked like. To a fault I'm afraid. You could always find me during Winter time dressed in an over-sized flannel, jeans, and irrigation boots. Yesterday was no exception. Except I was in my husband's Carhart jacket (which is huge on me), yoga pants (green to be exact), old tennis shoes, and to top it all off, I had the GOPRO attached to my head. Oh yes, I was a sight alright and probably not in a good way.

Thankfully, there's no photographic proof of my wardrobe. I'm afraid you'd stop reading my blog out of shock and that would make me so sad. So, let's just say, I'll keep my 'farm fashion' behind the camera.

DSC_0081 tsf copy 2

DSC_0082 tsf copy 1

DSC_0083 tsf copy 1


Aren't they just precious? (The lambs I mean, the mama's not so much, you learn why later) The whole ordeal was rather frustrating and so I decided it best not to take a bunch of pictures right away. Mama's and babies needed some alone time. The lambs were cold from being born outside (it was pretty chilly plus we had a cold breeze) and the mama's were a little stressed from the process due to their lack of brains.

I am SO glad these sheep aren't mine. I know everyone thinks all sheep are stupid, these take the cake. All of it.

I grew up raising sheep and never encountered the likes of these. Normally, you'd pick up the lamb and the mama would follow you just about anywhere just to stay with her baby. Not these sheep, oh NO! One ran to the other sheep to eat and the other decided it best to run into the fence. Let's just say when all this was happening I had not so nice thoughts running through my mind. Mind you, I was covered in afterbirth the whole time.  The sheep I raise now (scottish blackface) are actually very clever, so in dealing with these to num-nuts, I got slightly irritated.

The first mama and baby I got into the barn were the easiest set. We had a slightly difficult time initially getting Cry Baby (what I call her because she baa's incessantly) to follow her lamb, but eventually she bought a clue and I got her in the barn. The other mama was not so easy. I had to cut the video off before we were through, and you should be glad I did. She never followed her baby, continued to repeatedly run into the fence to get with the other sheep, and I had to chase/herd her for a while before we could get her back with her baby. Now, I'm sure things could have been done better, but there's one thing I know about mama's and their babies, they should be together. So, that is what we did.

Enough with all this talking here's the surprise video I was talking about. Wahoo!

It is slightly on the long side. Sorry, I was busy.

I hope you enjoy this and Lord willing, there will be more exciting video's to come! We still have 6 sheep to lamb in March. I'm hoping they do anyway, we have a young ram in with them, so it will be a waiting game to see if he was man enough for the job. Let's just say if the ewe's aren't bred I'll be surprised, he was a busy boy in November. Just sayin'.

And don't forget about the chicks! They are already a week old and growin' like weeds. Can I just say that I'm loving them? I never knew chicks would be so much fun.

I hope you enjoy this video and I'd love to hear from you. What would you like to see a video on?

***Well, I may have to make it GOPRO Friday since this week as last week I was unable to get this darn post up till Friday morning.

Sorry, my computer has a tough time uploading these videos to You Tube.  Ugh!

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