Friday, March 8, 2013

Anselmo Winery and Some Brotherly Love

I don't even know how to start this post. I think it sufficient to say that we went out to dinner last night, it was FANTASTIC, got to see a wine cellar, came home and slept like babies. The end.

Alas, that's not very exciting so I'll start here...

Anselmo Collage 1

When you are a stay at home mama and live on a farm there aren't many reasons to get oneself all gussied up. Well friends, I had a good reason last night. The reason has a name and it is - drum roll please - Anselmo Vineyards. Oh yes, it was as good as it sounds. Delicious fire-baked pizza's, heavenly wine, crisp salads, and gourmet Creme Brulee is what you'll find in their restaurant on a warm Thursday evening. Ok, there's A LOT more there than that, but this is what we ate and so that is what I'll describe. So there.

The pizza. That's all that needs to be said.

Just kidding, it - the pizza - is so good. I am determined that I will make a crust as good as theirs, but I am one up on them still. My sauce is better, much better. Recipe anyone? Later friends later. The toppings are amazing as well, homemade italian meatballs, fresh herbs, artisan cheese along with crushed pepper, fennel pollen, and Hawiian salt served on the side. My stomach is begging for more as I type. Too bad I sent the leftovers with my hubby for lunch...

Must rethink this thing called kindness. I mean who wants to think of another when there's pizza at stake.

I kid, I kid.


No seriously, I would always give my hubby the best, cause ya know, he's the best.

DSC_0054 tsf copy 1

The kids adored this carved donkey and we realized there was a 'no touching' sign while they were 'touching'. Oops!

Here's some brotherly love for ya.

DSC_0060 tsf copy 1

I have to apologize for the lack of pictures of this beautiful place. We got there at sunset and there was no time for photographing the restaurant and surrounding vineyards. Next time, I promise.


Dinner was amazing and I apologize again, I was too busy keeping a baby happy, keeping my mane out of the food, telling my son to stop singing the Gaston song from Beauty and the Beast, telling my girl to stop talking WAY too loud, oh and I was inhaling the food during all this too. Again, next time I will take a picture of the food, and restaurant, and decor, I promise...

There is one thing I did manage to photograph. The gorgeous wine cellar. We walked down a spiral staircase to get to it and I was immediately wondering, "why in the heck did we not put one of these into my house?". Seriously, we failed on that one...

DSC_0071 tsf copy 1

DSC_0078 tsf copy 1

DSC_0076 tsf copy 1

Anselmo Collage 2

Isn't it just beautiful?

I was in love and while I was busy taking pictures I heard, "Noël, we got to get going!"

Ok, ok so I was sidetracked.

You can thank me for that..

If your in need for some serious cuteness, I have added this video for your viewing pleasure. It's a real treat.


  1. You ALL are so adorable!!! Love and miss you all. Next time I'm out your way...we are DEFINITELY eating there!!!! Pizza, wine...need I say more!

  2. Um...yes! That would be so fun. Now how to get you out here, hmmm.....

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