Monday, March 4, 2013

Make It Happen!

I don't care if you think your too busy or if you have something you'd rather be watching, carve the time out of your day and WATCH THIS! If you care about what you eat and what you feed your family you NEED, no you MUST watch this. GMO food is so much more serious (in a bad way) than you might think and I have to try not to get flaming mad when I watch this. I, my kids mama, have the right to feed my family well. Now, I am having to closely monitor everything they eat, everything I buy, and then some just to make sure that we are eating food that shouldn't be burned. I am passionate about this because I think it is highly important.

I hope you learn a TON from this video and I hope that you will make your money count when it comes to feeding your family. I understand not everyone may be able to afford an 'all organic' diet, but we can always make a concerted effort and start buying some organic food. I dare say there is probably somewhere in the tight budget where you can cut out one thing to make room for another.

Maybe this isn't important to you, maybe it is. I hope for the latter. I have a son that developed SEVERE seasonal allergies last year and there have been other things too. In trying to figure out the cause, I have found many arena's in which I am changing the way we eat for the better. This video hits close to home in that I am positive my son and myself have leaky guts. Great.

All in all, consider the health (and the future health) of your children and yourself. Watch this, pray, and lets start being proactive about what we do and DON'T put into our bodies.

Ok, rant is over. For now...

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