Monday, April 1, 2013

One Is Good, Two Is Better, Third's a Charm!

I have three things that I MUST share with you.

Two are is not.


I LOVE grapefruits. When I was younger I would cut them in half and douse them with sugar. I know, I know, way to make something healthy...not. Well, I can safely say that my palate has matured and I can eat these things like oranges, sans the sugar. They can be tricky to enjoy and so I am here to say, "there is a better and easier way."

Let me show you.

Once you cut the top and bottom off of these gems, carefully slice off the rest of the peel angling your knife just so.

DSC_0106 tsf copy 1

Next, you'll want to section the rest of the fruit out of their skin.

The regular method has you holding the fruit in your hand and using the middle of your blade slicing your pieces from the outside in. Confused? Look HERE. (If this is the way you'd prefer doing it, then by all means, go for it)

DSC_0080 tsf copy 1

I like to do it a bit differently. I start with the tip of my (very sharp) knife at the top of the grapefruit right where the sections meet, then I cut down. I proceed to do it on the other side of the section. I continue on until the whole fruit has been sectioned.

DSC_0087 tsf copy 1

DSC_0091 tsf copy 1

As soon as I've finished with this step, I simply pick the juicy mess up and pull out the gems and place them in a bowl. You can practically flip the skins like a book when your doing this step. Pick out sectioned gem, flip skin, pick out sectioned gem, flip skin, and etc. You get the picture.


DSC_0092 tsf copy 1

The final step is to squeeze out any extra juice.

DSC_0099 tsf copy 1

Are you drooling yet? Oh my, I ate this already today and after working on this post I'm pretty sure I'm going to have another bowl. One of my favorite ways to eat this is to slice some banana and mix the two. The two textures are great and the flavor is amazing. Oh, yum!

DSC_0135 tsf copy 1


If your so inclined you can also use the grapefruit peels and make some delicious smelling all purpose cleaner. Just slice them up, put them in a jar, add some white vinegar, wait a few weeks, strain, and voila! You'll have some amazing, homemade cleaner that you'll have no problem using around your little ones. Doesn't get better than that!

DSC_0111 tsf copy 1

***Just a note- make sure you check back a few times the first day and add a little more vinegar. The peels absorb a bit.

And here is the Charm-

DSC_0114 tsf copy 1

Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE kefir. It is so good, so easy, and can be used so many ways.

You can drink it straight, bake with it, make a smoothie with it, or you can (drum roll please) make sour cream with it!

And you better believe it is finger lickin' good and so easy.

All you'll need is a pint of cream (I buy the organic heavy whipping cream from Trader Joe's. It's the only kind with out additives that I can find.) and 1/4 cup of kefir. Mix the two in a jar, set it in a warm, draft free part of your house for about 12 hours, and when it is thick and not running up the side of the jar when you tip it, stick it in the fridge to let it set. After a few hours you'll have some rich, creamy sour cream that is full of probiotic goodness.

I'll say it again, this is a charm.

DSC_0118 tsf copy 1

Did you ever think wholesome and nutritious food could be so simple?

Ah, sure you did.

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