Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden Planning and The Plague of Illness

I am back.

I can't say that I'm alive and kicking, but I can say that I'm alive and coughing. Which is worlds better than down on the couch with body aches, fever, tight back, neck and shoulders, sore throat, aching ears, heavy chest, no appetite, and totally congested head. Yes, it was really that bad. Plus, it was a full 8 days before I woke up a felt a little better. I was truly miserable and my feeling of exhaustion and sickness was beginning to affect my mental state. I wasn't depressed, but I was very much praying that the Lord would heal my body.

I am finishing up my second week of being sick and it truly has been some of the hardest weeks for me. I don't know if I've ever been this sick and even if I have, I surely didn't have three kids at the time and farm chores. I have spent the last days and weeks thanking the Lord for the (normally) healthy body that He's given me, for a husband and kids that are well, and for a life that is blessed. When you are down, perspective plays a huge part in the healing process. I was very aware and how unprepared I was (and am) for when an illness strikes my house. We normally are very healthy and so it is taken for granted.  The thoughts of having certain items on hand for the unexpected has never really been heavy on my mind, until now.

I am beginning to dabble in essential oils and so far, I truly love them. I am a novice mind you, but a girl's gotta start somewhere right? I signed up with doTERRA and really am pleased with the company. I don't really want to sell it, but for a little fee to get started I get a pretty nice discount. So sign me up...and I did. I also want to learn more about home remedies, preventative medicine, and I want to expand my herb garden to contain many herbs and such that can fight off a slew of afflictions.

Western medicine has it's place, but I'd prefer it stayed away from me and my family. If I can fight something naturally, you better believe that I'll try anything to stay away. Hospitals just kind of give me the creeps. Maybe it's cause the only reason I have ever really gone is because someone is dying or has had something tragic happen to them. But believe you me, if something is truly wrong with me or one of my loveys I will get myself to the hospital...I am no fool.

In fact, I think it is wise as a wife and mama to want to be prepared to care for my family naturally and to be proactive about our health.

What I really want to start growing on the farm is an Elderberry bush (or maybe two or three). I have done a bit of research about these berries and boy-oh-boy am I ready to get my hands on them! The European variety is what I will be looking out for and hoping to plant...soon!

Curious about why I want this super fruit? Let me list some of the uses of this highly medicinal berry bush.

  • it helps activate the immune system

  • it helps to prevent getting the flu

  • contains bioflavonoids and antioxidants which help the body to not get sick

Truth be told, I am still in my research stage so I will stop with three VERY good reasons of why I want this plant.

While in the throws of misery my hubby and I decided it would be a good time to map out our garden. After all, what else could I do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Right now, we are in the bracket of our gardening experience where we need to be transplanting our seedlings into the garden. I have to admit, I am a bit nervous and I really hope that the birds don't get them. I may need to come up with some kind of netting to prevent this...

garden planning tsf copy 1

What you are looking at is a mixture of what we currently have in our garden area and of what we want. Can you see where we want our elderberries? Oh, it is such a perfect spot and I can't wait to see the beautiful bushes spreading out along the fence! The bottom right corner of the picture is where I'll be planting my herb garden. We don't have the raised beds there yet, but they will be there soon. The square in the center is where we plan on planting our vegetables. It is currently under about 6-8 inches of wood chips and is still weed free. Oh yeah! If your wondering about the wood chips, watch this.

I'm thinking I need to get my recovering fanny in gear and figure out what medicinal herbs I need. I'm thinking that echinacea, golden seal, chamomile, calendula, st. john's wort, and lavender would be a good start. Any suggestions for more?

I am thankful that I'm on the road to recovery and that my family didn't get the bug as badly as I did. However, with all this to say, the next time the flu bug wants to hit this house again...I better be prepared. Lord willing we won't get sick again this year and I hope that by next fall I will have my medicine cabinet well stalked with herbs, spices, syrups, essential oils, and a whole lot of knowledge under my belt.

photo (3) tsf copy 1

I really, really, really would like something like THIS to go in this spot. I'm pretty sure it's perfect in every way. I'm keeping my eyes wide open for any amazing steals out there on vintage and antique cabinets like this, but if all else fails I can and will bat my eyelashes and beg and plead my wonderful hubby to make me one. After all, he is a contractor.  *wink, wink*


  1. I have been thinking a lot about elderberry the past several months as well. I have heard so many great things about elderberry syrup, and anything that will help with illness is a plus in my book. We also take raw apple cider vinegar most days, and especially when we feel a tickle in the throat coming on. Hope you are completely well soon! It is no fun being sick! Especially at the beginning of the growing season!

  2. Thank you Heather. I am feeling much better and am planning on planting our seedlings this weekend. Wahoo!


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