Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sheep Bums

Sheep bum collage

Here are the ladies getting ready to be moved to the lambing pasture. I'm so excited for lambs that I just HAVE to share everything with you! Even the unsightly. I'm not gonna write a lot for this post, just wanting to give you a photo update. So here you go.

And your welcome for these lovely views of sheep bums and udders bagging up.

DSC_0003 (2) tsf copy 2

DSC_0005 (2) tsf copy 2

DSC_0007 (2) tsf copy 2

DSC_0013 (2) tsf copy 2

DSC_0020 (2) tsf copy 2

The ram is not a bit happy about having to be separated from his ladies, but birthing is not his business. Just the lamb makin' is.

DSC_0023 (2) tsf copy 2

Here's the nursery where the lambs will go with their mama's once they've gotten their legs underneath them. It's all nice and cozy and ready for it's guests.


I hope you are too.


  1. I read your post yesterday too and I wanted to leave a tid-bit; don't be terribly surprised if these ladies bag up early, especially if it is their first time. My experience is with cattle and when my goat does, that I knew were bred but didn't know when they were bred, bagged up like water balloons and waddled like they were about to pop, I thought I would have kids within the week, because an experienced cow sure would have. Then I waited a week, two, three, four...I thought my mommas were waiting for their kids to paw their way out! Now I know they just get ready EARLY! I have one doe left to kid and it is her first time too. She is bagged up ready to feed her little ones, has been for over two weeks, but she isn't due for at least another week or two because now I know how to count :-). She hasn't made it to 145 days (145-155 days gestation for goats) yet IF she were bred the first week at my house. So, don't get too anxious if your ladies keep you teased and waiting longer :-).

  2. Thanks for the heads up Ramona! I hope they don't tease me for too long, but all-in-all I just want healthy lambs born. :)


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