Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Value of Self-Discipline

I'm just going to be honest. I am lacking in a big area right now and it has been made plain to me recently.


Now there are general areas of my life where I do pretty well on a day to day basis, but there are other areas where it's obvious that I need to control my whims quite a bit more.

Probably the most obvious to you readers has to do with this blog. It is ever changing and morphing. I am always loving to tweak a little here and there, just to keep myself busy. That's all it is, busyness.

I'm the kind of person who loves to do new things, loves to change things up a bit, and am always thinking to myself, "I wonder what it would look like if I did this or that?" It can be a good thing since so many people are afraid of change or trying something new, but it can bite a person in the rear if they are 'changing things up a bit' a bit too often.

In January of this year I decided I wanted to go to Wordpress because that's where all the 'real' bloggers blog. I wanted to be a real blogger. Ahem...

I never liked it, couldn't get used to is, couldn't figure out how to do a darn thing on it, and so had to have someone else do it for me. Now if your wanting someone to work on a wordpress blog for you I would HIGHLY recommend Stewart from Nourishing Days. He was awesome and did everything I asked and then some. Truly a great gentleman and he is going to treat you well. I just found that I like too much to work on my blog myself and so needed to go back to what I'm comfortable with.

Now with all this blog jumping around and lack of self-discipline is choosing one format and sticking with it, my rear has been 'bit' so to speak. I haven't lost all my posts from the last six months, but if you go to search them and click on the link provided, it will say it doesn't exist. Not sure why, but I KNOW they are there. Also I am having to upload almost all my pictures from the last six months, they didn't translate with the change. Ugh.  If you've been reading here for any length of time you'll know that there are a TON of pictures that I'm going to have to put into quite a few posts. Needless to say I'm a little frustrated with this aspect.

I am very happy to be back, I feel like my blogging break was more than fruitful and you can expect to see me a bit more. I thank you dear readers for not leaving all together and here's to more consistency and yes, self-discipline!

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