Monday, September 30, 2013

Ear Tags and Cooler Weather

Life on the farm has been a bit mundane lately.

Life has been busy and quite frankly, I've hardly taken any pictures due to always feelin' a bit behind. I have a hard time thinking about blogging when I feel like I have so much to do. You know? I'm sure you do.

I started homeschooling Jude a few weeks ago and it's been wonderful. He just loves it and its so great to watch him learn. I am not an extremely organized type-A person though and so having to be on a schedule is a bit rough for this mama. I am really having to learn how to prioritize and decide what needs to be done and what can wait.

Yesterday was an awesome day. I woke up before the family and thought, "I want bacon". And you know what? I went to the store and got some. Exciting stuff I tell you and it tasted amazing. The drive was worth it alone. It was a cloudy, tempestuous day and the sky just beamed of Gods handiwork. I pretty much just praised the Lord the whole time I was on the road.

Fall is here and I'm loving every ounce of it. Last year we felt like Summer until November and so I'm hoping with this cool and windy weather it's the Lord saying, "You will have lots and lots of rain this Winter." We need the rain, but I don't control that so I'll just wait and see what is in store.

When cool weather comes it usually means the sheep will start cycling soon, which means the ram needs to have all his ladies with him. As of yesterday we still had the lambs with their mamas and so we separated them out and ear tagged the newbies. I seriously could just stare at these lambs all day. It seems like a small miracle that we actually had lambs born to the farm a few months ago. Just amazing!

Let's just say he's happy, happy, happy.

When you have small children and are trying to move animals things always get interesting. For instance, they ALWAYS want to watch and see the action. That's when you have to get innovative.

Have a baby in a stroller and a bunch of hay in the way? Lock the tires and put the stroller on top. Oh yes we did and she was happier than she appears.

Jude and Ella of course wanted to help, but they settle for getting to pet the little beauty. 

Seriously, isn't this little ewe lamb just gorgeous? I would have gotten a full body shot, but lets just say she has springs for legs and Seth had to make her sit to behave.

Now anyone that knows my son knows that he's a mini warrior. He just has to be conquering and he was sure he could catch a sheep. Now we all know he's much to small, but hey give the boy a chance. And so we did. 

The pictures don't do justice, but in the last one he actually has hand fulls of wool and had a pretty smug look on his face. It didn't take long for the sheep to get away, but he threw his hands in the air and cheered because he got so close. I'm now kicking myself that we didn't think to have him ride one. He want's to ride a sheep so badly and we're even considering letting him do mutton busting in the Spring. We will for sure let him ride our sheep before then and let's just say, if he can ride our sheep he can ride any. These things are fast and can jump like a kangaroo. I hope my boy will still have his front teeth by Summer...

I just love my precious Leah. She makes my heart happy and is such a blessing. Here's my attempt at getting a picture with my kids. I'm always the one missing due to being the one taking most of the pictures. I'm trying to be more intentional about getting in front of the lens.

We got a good one...finally. After many attempts (to follow) I have a picture that I just love. 

Before you wonder why do many darn pictures let me say one thing, "Just look at their faces!" I couldn't help myself and I'm still laughing. And your welcome.

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  1. Your kids are way too cute!! And your son is hilarious :D Adorable!! He will love riding sheep...we let our nieces and nephews come out and ride ours. It's a hoot! Raising sheep is such a blast. I still have to go pick up our ram, but he'll be going in with the girls in November and December for April/May lambing. We often still have snow in April but it starts to warm up and melt then. No freezing snow storm lambing for me! Lol!


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