Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Per Request: Property and House Pictures

Here's the kitchen when we got started.  Our original goal was to repaint existing cabinets and get new countertops.  However, when we started to chip off the tile, we discovered that the cabinets were rotten.  We difinitely didn't have cabinets in our budget, so my amazing dad decided to build us our cabinets.  And as you will see he did a wonderful job!

Here's a view of the dining area from our living room.  The walls were rediculous and shrunk an already small house.  We promptly removed them.

Here's another view from the front door.  The dining area is on the right and the living room is straight ahead.  Have you noticed yet that the carpet was originally pink?  Look at the'll see.

Ta da!!!  Our new kitchen, dining, and living room!  Doesn't even look like the same house right?  Seth made the butcher block island top out of rock hard maple and the rest of the countertops out of concrete.  He's a general contractor and does a lot of concrete. 

To say that I love my kitchen would be an understatement, but what I love more is that my kitchen was made by two people that I love dearly.  And I think they are very talented!

*Just a side note- we also remodeled the bedrooms and bathrooms, but this post is already long and the living room and kitchen (mainly) are the jewels of the house.  Although our office space (used to be the laundry room) and bathrooms are fabulous.  Maybe I'll post pics some other time.

And here's our living room.  So much better without the walls.

In the end of March, Seth and I (and family) started working on this house.  We gutted everything out of this house.  And by everything I mean...there are only two things left that are original.  It was so much work, but so worth it.  We love the house that the Lord has provided for us and are very thankful to be living here.  We bought the house with two acres and Lord willing in the next few years, we'll buy 18 more...acres that is.  The gentleman who we bought the place from wants to sell us 18 more to make it an even 20.  We'd love to, but have to save up for a while in order to do so.

Here's a few pictures of our view from our back porch.  Enjoy!

Pretty nice, huh?  :)  Our property line goes beyond the back fence about 90 ft.  When we buy the next 18 acres, we'll have all the property behind us.

Don't the clouds and the snow on the mountains just make you smile.  So pretty!  The tree peeking in on the right is our walnut tree and right next to it we have a pear tree.  Yum!

And last but not least, here are a few more property pics.  Lord willing, next summer we'll get started on the outside of the house.  And of course the property, fencing, and etc. will be always changing and made better.

This is the far left of our property.  There are blackberry bushes the line the whole fence and they are tasty!  Blackberry pie galore in the summer.  ; )

This winter Seth and I are going to be converting that little shanty into a chicken coop.  Chicks come in the Spring...cant' wait!  And this opening in the middle is going to be our garden area.  I am hoping to have this tilled and fenced off come Spring as well.

The front view of our house from the road.  Right now it looks as if a tornado has blown through our yard cause Seth has ripped all the fence and plants out and they are all piled up waiting to be burned.  We are going to re-fence the front yard and reseed it so it will just be grass for the kids to play on.  You can't really tell, but there are 55 rose bushes in our front yard.  Eeek!  Not good when you have two small children, plus I don't really want to care for them.  Sorry to those of you who love rose bushes.

The only real grass at our house.  And by 'real' I mean not destined for animal consumption.  :)

This is the little pasture that is right in front of the barn (the barn on top of my page is the one that is connected to this pasture, and is the one that I have the pictures of my sheep in).  (Neighbors sheep, not mine)  This will be included in the 18 acres. 

Hope you liked these pictures and I hope it gives you a point of reference when you see future pictures of the happenings at the Shepherds farm.

Have a great day!


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