Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The 'Scape' Sheep and the Garden

So, as it seems, I have myself a 'scape' sheep and her name is Flora.  Yep, the one in the front right.  If there is a hole in the fence, she is the one to find it.  And on Sunday I had to put her back in...twice.  And I have had to probably put her back in the field about a dozen times now.  About half the time she was on the road we live on.  Thankfully, we don't live on a main road.  Anyway,  I have had to temporarily move the sheep into our little back field because there are too many iffy places where they were.  I am tired of getting her off the road to be honest.  It is pretty easy to get her back into the pasture, so for that I am very, very grateful.  Considering my sheep are more on the wild than the tame side.

My temporary method of fixing fence includes a stake, wire, fencing pliers, and a sledge hammer.  Flora has learned how to crawl under the fence.  So I hammer the stake into the ground, fasten the stake to the bottom of the fence with wire, and then proceed to finish hammering the stake into the ground.  It is actually very gratifying.  While Seth has been busy building the fence around the garden I have to say that most if not all of the fence fixing has been me.  Plus, I can get Flora into the pasture by myself.  Quite an accomplishment if I must say so.  (If you knew the nature of my sheep, you'd understand)

Here are my two lovies!  Ella is getting over a cold and was such a trooper.  We have Wyoming worthy wind today and it is rather chilly.  We were all layered.  Ella was unhappy at the end and Jude was already heading home when I said we were done.  They are the best sidekicks to have...even in less than desirable conditions.   ; )

And.......here is our almost completed garden area!!! I am sooo excited that it is almost fenced in!  Can you tell?  We plan to have an awesome garden in here this summer and it so nice to have a project among many almost complete.

We have a burn pile in the middle of the garden area and we are looking forward to a bonfire with the kids soon.  And of course, there will be smores included.  :)
Just for a perspective, look at the 10th picture down of my previous post and see the wonderful difference.  I hope you can appreciate how much better it is from these pictures.
I thought I'd include some of Seth's welding handiwork.  He's a beginner and I think it looks pretty nice.  Love my talented hubby!

At the end of the day, I am always thankful for the able body that the Lord has given me.  There is so much to do around here and like I always tell Jude, we need to take care of the things that God has given us.  Come summer I am going to have to slow down a bit, but that's ok.  I'm going to be holding another little blessing from the Lord.    :)

*If you don't know, I'm expecting #3 at the end of July.

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