Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of Trains, Dirt and Robin Eggs...Farm Style!

My little miss decided to put her seed packets in her "purse" and go bye bye.  :)  Her purse happens to be a Tractor Supply plastic bag.  So cute!

I have been meaning for the past 3 weeks to go through our seeds, pick out which ones we want to plant, and then get them ready for Spring.  I finally went through the packets yesterday and set aside the ones we plan on using.  I still need to get them planted so we can have some seedlings to plant in May.  The kids had an absolute blast looking at all the seed packets with me and you will see how they played with the ones I 'gave' them.  :)  Enjoy the pictures because we thoroughly enjoyed our day outside!

Ella still pretending to go bye bye.  Love her!

And here is my precious boy, who used his seed packets to build a train track.  He had so much fun!

He's just so darn cute!  ;)

My son, who is the sweetest ever, has decided that I need to have every flower he is able to pick.  Literally.  And I get about 5 flowers a day average...and then I have to tell him to stop because I am running out of space to put them.  His future wife is going to be one happy woman!

Jude and Ella having soo much fun digging in the dirt.  Jude was pretending he was an using an excavator like his daddy, and Ella was just making a mess.

I saved the best picture for last.  Jude found a Robin egg in the garden and oh, was he proud of his new treasure!  It is now in our outside fridge because he always wants to look at it.  The egg was by itself in the middle of the dirt and nearly got smashed my a tire.  Jude thought it was a pretty rock and was pretty excited to find it was more.  Love my observant boy!

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