Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Garden Has Begun!

Just 30 minutes prior to this our garden was covered in fox tails!  Thanks hubby!

   On Saturday my husband, kids (+ Silas), and myself worked in the garden.  When we started it was completely covered in fox tails, but after some of my handsome hubby's handiwork, it was looking beautiful in no time!  We had anticipated starting our garden MUCH earlier, but we got busy (as usual) and didn't get around to it.  We have a bobcat so it definitely comes in handy when we have our outside projects.  Seth worked his magic and made the garden more user friendly.  We also are building a few raised beds for lettuce and are tilling a section in the middle for our vegetables.  Seth thinks we need to add a little sand to our dirt because it is so full of clay.  Which means we probably won't start planting till this next weekend, but that's ok.  It just feels great to have actually made progress!  Here are a few pictures to show you what we did!  Enjoy!

Our lovely burn pile...can't wait to actually burn it.  S'mores anyone?   :)

The kids are saying their "#1!".  Look at all those blackberry bushes behind them.  Come August, we'll be swimming in blackberries.   Yum!
Some new garden acquisitions:

Pomegranate Tree

Grape Vines

Willow Tree

Thornless Blackberry Vine

They couldn't keep themselves out of the dirt!  And Franco must be deficient in something because he was eating it.  Yuck!

Wonderful. Lovely. Dirty little hands.   <3

Daddy and his little protege.     ;)

When all was said and little dirt balls needed a bath!!!

What we plan on planting!  Yay!!!!!

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