Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just Call Me Smitten.

This past Sunday my husband got to help our neighbors wrangle about 20 calves.  They were needing to brand, castrate, and give shots.  When Roger asked Seth if he wanted to help, my hubby jumped at the chance!  The calves were a little larger than desired (he hurt his knee while helping with the last one...not good), but he enjoyed himself none-the-less.  I got to watch a little from our pasture while the little Miss was still snoozing at home, hence the distance from the kiddos and the action. There was a fence and ditch between us.  I have to say, my hubby is a stud and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him wrestle with the calves.  There is something about a man who knows how to work.  I love my husband, and I am pretty sure he is superman.  I tell him so all the time. 
Can you see what is in Jude's hand?  Take a closer look.
Can you guess now?  Yep.  Cow testicles.  Yum.  I'm pretty sure the steers' family jewels were fried up that night.  Definitely not something I plan on trying anytime soon.
And there he is kneeling. Superman.
The calves have a rope tied to their front and rear legs.  And Seth, I mean Superman, is holding the head and torso down.  These animals are so strong, even with ropes, it takes a few men to do the job.  My brother in law Tim is giving the cows their medicine.  He's the other one kneeling.
And here are the cowboys roping the next one.  Sure is fun and exciting to watch!
I can't help but think that Gus is muttering a certain word under his breath.  My guess is it's...Suckers! 
Seth had a GoPro camera on his head while he was wrangling.  If I can find the video, I'll post it soon.  

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