Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You Know Your Country When...

...your kids play with dead birds.


You heard me right.

Dove season opened on Saturday and my hubby took Jude Dove hunting for the first time.  They had such a wonderful time and I am so thankful that Jude got to go on his first hunt at 4 1/2 years old.  How special! Seth, being the wonderful daddy that he is, took Jude and Ella for the evening hunt. So Ella got to go on her first hunt at 2 1/2!  And oooh what fun! I had to make both kids take turns talking when they got home because I couldn't understand them through all their excited words.  Jude and Ella then showed me their birds and were even making them fly.  So cute!  At least I think so...

I love this life that God has blessed us with.  I love that my hubby can teach our kids the skill of hunting.  I love that they are already learning where their food is coming from...whether it's from the field or the wild.  We are blessed and it is all thanks to our loving Lord.

Here is a glimpse of our day on Saturday.  I hope you enjoy these pictures and videos as much as I do!

This is during the morning hunt. Right before the fun begins. Shooting!

Jude showing me his loot...four doves.  And of course, Ella had to join the fun.
Jude had to show me how he could open the eye.  Such a boy!
Love my country kids!
Right before the evening hunt.  Oh, yea.
Jude was called bird dog by all the other hunters because he did what they do...ran and got the birds.  He had a great time.  In fact, some of the other hunters were even trying to lay claim to our 'bird dog' for next year.  Yea right.
This nice gentleman has a three month old baby girl and so also had pink shotgun shells.  Of course, Ella was all over that!
Her new pink treasures!
Your eyes do not deceive you, my kids are playing with dead birds.  And singing while doing it!  Sorry for how dark it is, but I couldn't help but to post it.
Enjoy and happy dove hunting!!!

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  1. OK I see I can comment on here :) I loved the videos of the kids...that was too cute! What a great experience for the kids! That is so wonderful that your husband takes the time to show your little angels at such a young age. My grandson who is 12 just got his hunting license and can't wait to go hunting. I am so excited for him!


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