Monday, November 12, 2012

My Better Half

I love my husband.

He is amazing.

And handsome.

Here he is working on our green house.   Yay!
I am blessed to be his wife. I have learned this past week how much I appreciate my hubby. You see, he's been gone since Wednesday and I have had quite some time to think about how important he me and to our kids.

Being alone induces all kinds of thoughts. (I realize I'm not completely alone cause I have my kids, but it can still be lonely being a temporary single mama) Sadness. Fear. Anxiety. Yes, I've had these emotions, but there is one that always prevails...thankfulness. I am thankful for so many things when it comes to my hubby. 

1. He loves me and he tells me so all the time.
2. He leads the kids and I in the Lord and always tries to please Him.
3. He helps me whenever I ask, am stressed, or even when I don't ask.  :)

Here's a few more reasons why I am thankful for my man.

Yes, I am thankful he knows how to shoot, but that's not my point here. Read on...

He is always quick to include the kids in whatever he's doing. Whether it's cleaning the garage, organizing his trailers, working outside, and yes even shooting targets. The kids love having their daddy home and they especially love doing fun stuff with him. Seth let Jude and Ella shoot at some targets and they thought it was the best thing ever! Jude was telling me story after story about how good of a shot he is and Ella pretty much acted her stories out. She is such a doll!

While Seth's been away he has called every day to talk to the kids. Sunday night he couldn't take it anymore and decided to come home for the night. Literally.  He got here at 7 pm and left at 4 am Monday morning. Short trip, but sooo worth it. Since he is the best daddy in the world, he came home bearing gifts for the kids and myself.

Daddy came home with these awesome shirts. If you can't tell, Jude says 'future farmer' and Ella's says 'mommy's little farmer'. I'm in love. With my husband, but I do love the shirts too. And if the shirts weren't enough he got them some Bobcat toys. Surprise, surprise. They each have their own skid steer and excavator and have a semi truck with a flatbed to share. Now, they are in love.

Leah was not forgotten. She got an adorable pink John Deere onesie and I got two shirts and pajamas. This may not seem exciting to some...but I love when Seth buys me clothes. Probably cause I don't like to.

I could go on and on about my hubby, but I'll save you from all the mush and gush.

Seth- aside from salvation and what Christ accomplished on the cross in order to save my are the best blessing that has been given to me. I love you. I appreciate you. And I can't wait till you are home...for good. 

Lord willing...I'll have my better half back in 2 days.

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