Saturday, November 10, 2012

Autumn Days

This was a great day. The autumn weather was proving to be delightful. Cool, crisp, wonderful. It puts a spring into our steps and feels good on the lungs too.

My munchkins love to play outside. And they love to feed the animals. It was the perfect day to do both. The grass is growing slowly these days and therefore the animals think their starving. Their not. However, to not get harassed by the animals during our play time we decided to give them a treat. And that meant a trip to the barn.

As you can see, we had fun. Leah was content to watch Jude and Ella do their best to fling handfuls of hay into the pen. Most of the hay landed on their feet, but it was so cute to watch them grunt while throwing the hay with all their might. The animals were unimpressed and so required myself to join in the feeding frenzy and throw the flakes.

The barn is old and in desperate need of repair. However, in the late afternoon when you are inside, the sun beams coming through the wood panels make for the coolest lighting. Unfortunately I have a terrible camera, but I did my best. I am thankful for this barn. It is hopefully going to house new lambs this Spring.

I am mostly thankful to (and for) my Savior Jesus Christ who has given me eyes to see what is truly wonderful and important in this life. Jesus of course is first, but my children are also incredible blessings. I love days like this where we can enjoy every part of the day and have such a great and simple time together. This life, this farm life, is a blessing from above and not to be taken for granted.

Here's a glimpse into our fun. Enjoy!

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