Friday, November 2, 2012

One Rainy Day


I love this time of year. When the seasons transition from hot summer days to cool Autumn evenings. It's lovely. This day (this post is two days late) I was having to do one of my winter prep jobs - lay new bedding in the barn. I have been doing the 'deep bedding method' for my animals and I'm pretty happy with it thus far. If you aren't familiar with this, it is when instead of completely cleaning out the old bedding once it's been soiled and replacing it with new, you just put the new bedding right on top of the old. I'll admit, my OCD side doesn't like it, but I am actually quite pleased. It saves a lot of work at that moment and you are actually creating wonderful compost. And you need to put at least 8 inches of new bedding down so there is a good barrier between the old and the new. Needless to say, in the Spring when we do the once a year deep clean, my garden will be lovin' the animals compost bed.

I had quite the time trying to spread out the straw. Gus and Penny are WAY too comfortable with me. I had to ward of Gus with a stick and he pretty much ignored me the whole time and Penny tried to kick me. Not nice. Anyway, I got the job done and I know my farm bums are happy cause they pretty much never leave the barn. Which translates to I'm going to need to replace the straw again soon. Too bad you can't train cows and sheep like you can dogs and cats. I shouldn't complain cause no poop, no compost. Simple as that.

I did break down and treat the farm bums to some hay, which one can see they are rather happy about.

I am hoping to be getting a ram soon. I have one in the works, but the gentleman I'm buying him from has been out of town.  I can't wait...I really want lambs.

My wonderful hubby is in the middle of finishing the green house. I can't wait to write about it and show off his handiwork. Hopefully it'll be done in a week or so. And then after that, the chicken coop. Oh, I'm so excited I could squeal. Really I could.

'Till then, I'll be dreaming of fresh eggs and lambs playing in the green grass. It's a lovely dream, and Lord willing it will all come to fruition.

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