Monday, December 24, 2012

When You Love Someone

It's not a surprise. I love my hubby. I love him so much that I would pretty much do anything to make him happy.

I have had a severe cleaning and reorganizing bug lately and with that, I've taken it upon myself to show love to my husband and give him a surprise. One that he wasn't aware that he was asking.

Every so often he would make statements like, "My side of the room is a mess!", "Why is your side always so neat and mine is all cluttered?", and "I wish I could have this all organized."

Well, I finally took the initiative and did something for my man.

I thought for a few days of what I wanted to do, what I wanted his side of the room to look like, and what would best represent him. I called his mama and asked if she would send me some hunting pictures of Seth growing up.

And here it is-

What do ya think?


  1. looks like someone likes primitive archery I shoot compound but have always wanted to give primitive a try

  2. Yes, my husband grew up shooting the traditional longbow. Not sure how familiar you are in the traditional world, but his grandpa is John Schulz. He used to make long bows and is well known for his technique and bow craftsmanship.

    1. I have an old recurve that I mess around with but haven't gotten serious about it yet....not familiar with John Schulz

  3. Maybe you'd be familiar with Howard Hill? He is the man who taught John Schulz how to shoot the bow.

  4. More importantly, what did your husband think? (I think it is terrific!)


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