Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moving Day

It was Friday morning and I was tired, but anxious for the weekend. I got to spend the weekend with my man and I was very happy about it. This kind of event doesn't happen often. So when the situation presents itself, I jump on it.

We were helping some friends move to their new home. They get to start a new life off the coast of Northern CA and I have to say I'm a bit jealous. I don't really want to live there, but my favorite restaurant is only 20 minutes from them. My hubby and I love this restaurant so much that we'll actually drive the 4 hours just to eat there. Silly? No way.

Renata's Creperie is nothing short of fantastic. It's a delight to the taste buds and will leave you in dream land as you leave. Don't believe me? We'll here's one of their dessert crepes. Mmmm.

Feb 2013 139 tsf copy 1

Feb 2013 137 tsf copy 1

I'm drooling right now.

Not only did I get to spend time with my hubby and eat at my favorite restaurant, but I got to take some pics with my baby girl. Love her!

Feb 2013 114 tsf copy 1

Feb 2013 106 tsf copy 1

Isn't she just delicious? I smooch on her all day.

I have to apologize I didn't get very many 'moving pictures'. I was kind of busy, you know, moving and unpacking. I do have these however.

Feb 2013 120 tsf copy 1

And when you get too tired to move any more boxes, you curl up on the couch and take a nap. Leah is sleeping under the blanket. Such a good daddy!

Feb 2013 122 tsf copy 1

It was a great time with friends, but we were tired by the end of the trip. Not to mention that Seth had a terrible cold. I now have that cold too. Boo hoo.

It is absolutely beautiful off the northern coast of California. The mountains are lush with trees, vines, and ferns. And the air is heavy and yet fresh at the same time. I love being at the coast. Such a great display of God's creation.

Here's our view from the door to our hotel room. Pretty awesome isn't it?

Feb 2013 129 tsf copy 1

Feb 2013 124 tsf copy 1

So, on the way home I decided to play a bit with my camera. I had a lot of fun and be thankful I'm not showing you even a third of what I took.

Feb 2013 156 tsf copy 1

I love this one. It's pretty cool seeing the trees perfectly silhouetted on the window.

Feb 2013 157 tsf copy 1

Beautiful day. And yes, I was taking pictures through the window. Sorry.

Feb 2013 152 tsf copy 1

Feb 2013 159


He's handsome alright.

I always think my hubby is good lookin', but there are those times where I step back and think, "I have me a smokin' hot man!"

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