Thursday, February 21, 2013

GOPRO Thursday #5


Well folks, it's been cold here. Real cold.

For us anyway.

It's been getting down to 30 degrees here at night and I don't much care for it. It has been down to 17 a few times and it's been no bueno. It will get to about 60 during the day...I wish it would either be cold or warm, all this up and down business is gettin' me confused. Do I wear long sleeves or short? Pants or Capri's? Shoes or flip flops? Flip flops definitely.

All this to say, we've been trying to keep the chicks warm on these cold nights. It was pretty easy when they were still in the tank, but my Father-in-law made them a new space in our green house turned coup. Yes, we have chicks in our green house right now and not seedlings. I know...slackers. We are working on the coup however (next post) and it will be fantastic.  Back to what I was saying, since the chicks are in a bigger area it's harder to keep a really warm spot for them. I think we figured it out. We put the tank on it's side and then put a board on top and fixed the light to the board. The idea is that the warmth will get trapped in the tank and be held down by the board. It seems to be working for my gangly little chicks. They are so weird looking right now, it's almost pitiful. I still love them though, even though they're rather odd to the eye. If you know what I mean.

I did the GOPRO video last night cause I thought it would be cool to see them huddled under the light. I am really enjoying having chicks. Honest and true.

***Sorry for how dark it was, it wasn't THAT dark when I was videoing. Oops!

And since you are dying to know how are little Welsummer chicks are doing, I decided to get a video of those too. They are still in the tiny, cute, and fuzzy stage. These little things are FAST. Like lightning fast...kachow! Ok, sorry. I have a five year old boy who loves Cars. I couldn't help myself.

It is kind of tricky to catch the little speed balls, but I do cause I don't want crazy chickens. I have no use for crazy animals...I have my hands full with the sheep as it is. Ahem.

I hope you enjoyed this GOPRO Thursday. I'd love to hear about what you'd like to see. Give me some suggestions and I'll see what I can do!

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