Monday, February 25, 2013


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I am weak and weary. This past week has been a doozy. A nasty flu has swept through my house and is still persistent in being an unwelcome guest. I had it last week and I haven't been THAT sick in years. Sinus pressure/burning, eye's literally hurt and they hurt to move, headache, neck pain, body aches, sneezing, ever persistent runny nose, fever, the feeling of your head about to explode, tired, weak, sore throat, coughing, dehydration, this flu was in a word...miserable. Everyone has had it, save Jude and Leah, and this mama is praying that Leah does not get it. Three days of a plugged nose and then some is not good when you are a nursing babe. Fact.

For apparent reasons, I had no desire to do much more than I needed to. However, chores still had to be done, food needed to be made, and children needed to be loved. I will confirm that there are no off days when your a mama. Or a dad for that matter.

This flu served it's purpose, I've been in a dry run spiritually speaking, and the Lord made my 'cup to runneth over'. He is truly so good. I have had a wonderful week basking in the goodness of the Lord. Those moments lying on the couch? Praying. Those moments of not being able to breath? Praying. Those moments of trying not to breathe on the kids? PRAYING. I think you get the point.

It is true of all of us that when times are tough, our spiritual lives tend to be great. In this highly convenient life, we find ourselves deceiving our own minds into thinking that we don't need God, or at least not yet. In REALity, we need Him every second. There is nothing that we can absolutely control, but there is One who can. One who has a plan for our lives that far surpasses what we think or desire. Praise be to God that I am one of His and have not been left to myself, for I know my heart all to well and the path it would choose.

I have had certain topics flutter through my mind all week and one in particular has had extra weight. Abortion. This tears me up inside. I pray for those women who think they have a 'choice' and yet are in chains. I pray for those babies that may not ever see the light, let alone know a mama's love. I am so tender hearted when it comes to this subject, that I've found myself almost weeping, only to realize that my kids (who are MUCH too small to tell them about this) wonder why their mama is on the verge of tears. I pray often that God would end this 'choice'  in my country and so I wait, knowing that this specific prayer might not come to pass.

It is my hope that one day I may be used by God to help a woman who feels trapped, abandoned, and is in need of help. I hope to show her the love of Christ and if nothing else, help with the particulars of the pregnancy and at least offer the child a home and a family. Put in the right spot, I would fall to my knees and beg and plead in order to save that small life. May God give me the courage and grace to do so, given the opportunity. I hope it comes to pass...

Will you pray with me? Will you pray for these who have no voice? I hope you do...

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  1. This has been a topic at our house between my husband and I also, mostly due to some of the decisions of our country's leaders. Recently we lost our 3rd child at 38 weeks and I had said to our pastor while we were in the hospital how I could not understand how anyone would ever choose to end their child's life. I didn't know that it was possible to hurt so bad that your arms ached to hold them just one more time. For those people who are mean to their children, or for those who chose not to have them I wish I could tell them to hold those children close and love them with everything they have because you don't realize what an empty place not having them can leave in your heart.

  2. Oh my Michelle, I am so sorry! I can't imagine that pain. I try to remember to always be patient and loving with my kids, but unfortunately I'm human. I hope that the Lord will bring you peace in your time of sorrow and thank you for your words of wisdom.


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