Monday, April 22, 2013

Of Gypsies and Caravans

I have a confession to make. There is something about me that not many people know about.

Heck, I'm not sure if my hubby knows. He will now.

I have always been fascinated with gypsies. The colors they love and decorate with, their sense of style, their independent spirits, and their lack of care for what others think.

What is it about gypsies that makes them want to stand apart from everyone else? What makes them go against what everyone else is doing and find a new way, a different path, and a more unconventional way of living.

Freedom? Maybe.

Life on the road; never having a permanent residence; always a change in the scenery, but always having your loved ones with you. Sounds like a recipe for a lot of fun. Or it could spell disaster if you don't like your family I guess.

It's got to be fun and yet I am sure there is an exhausting side to it as well. The never ending packing up and making sure everything is where it needs to be. Come on, you don't have enough space to be messy when you travel in a caravan and only have so much space. You probably have to be VERY objective when it comes to your 'things'. Not enough space to have everything you want.

However, I would think that everything you want would be there. A bed (or something) to sleep on, food to eat, a place to call home...even if it is on wheels. Plenty of sunshine to be had and I'm sure the stories that gypsies can tell are amazing along with their songs.

And then comes Winter and I'm sure life ain't so great then. What do I know? I've never lived like a gypsy and so I'll keep thinking it's fantastic.

I just LOVE how they decorate their 'homes'. The color and attention to detail is wonderful!

I'm not sure about you, but I'd love to take a bath here.

When I think of gypsies I tend to think about how that kind of life could relate to another.

As a believer I can kind of relate to the gypsy folk. Curious?

Let me explain.

When Christ saves someone (I'll use myself as an example). When Christ saved me He gave me a new heart, took the blinders off my eyes, and gave me the ability to 'see'. This earth is not my home and I know my stay here is temporary. Heaven is my eternal resting place and I look forward to it greatly. So I guess, like the gypsies who wander from place to place never really settling down and always feeling like they don't fit in with the world, my soul is here for a while, awaiting the time when my eternal and permanent home is ready. Sure I'm enjoying the life that God has blessed me with, and if your wondering I'm not wanting anything to be sped up. I love raising my babies and lovin' on my man and so I am very content to wait on God's timing.

So who knows what lies in the future. I'm sure gonna be enjoying today and today I'm lovin' me some gypsies and caravans.

Is there something that not everyone knows about you? Do tell!

So long as it's appropriate that is...


  1. I spent last summer on a missions trip among Romanian gypsies. Ohhhh how I love and miss them so much! I desire to live among them and feel the love - love so infectious. They are such an eccentric, dramatic, passionate group of people. So fun to be around and just be free. Too bad they are so terribly discriminated against. I mean, America has not seen or felt discrimination like this. I will get back there!

  2. Are you serious? So cool! Do you have any pictures? I bet you did have a fabulous time, I'd LOVE to hear more about it. Thanks for letting me know. :)


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