Friday, April 19, 2013

The Path Less Taken

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I live a blessed life. Truly, I have a blessed existence. The Lord in His providence saw fit to place me here and gave me strong convictions about life and purpose. I have many thoughts coursing through my mind and at times, it is difficult to sort them through, to place them in the highest order of importance, and it can be draining to someone who wants to fix the worlds problems (me) and realize that I cannot. Only God can. I am His tool however and I pray that I will be used mightily.

My intention for this blog is not to show off my accomplishments (they are few) and to make much of myself. No, that is not my goal and I hope it doesn't seem to be. My goal for this blog is to journal mine and my family's life here on our farm so we can encourage others who would like to do the same. I want to be the Proverbs 31 woman. This may seem silly to you, but I desire to be her with every bone in my body. I can get discouraged when I read of her because I can see my failings so clearly, but God gave us this woman as an example of what a godly woman can and should be. I therefore conclude that He can also give me the strength to fulfill the role He desires for my life.

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Every morning and evening when I go out to do chores I see God and His hand in creation. Life is bursting here on the farm. The fruit trees are already getting heavy with fruit. Apple, peach, plum, and pears - just to name a few. The walnut trees are absolutely majestic, so big and grand with their long branches and broad leaves. My seedlings - even under the care of a black thumb - are doing amazing. The tomato seeds I planted last week are growing like crazy! It seems like they grow every time I check on them, which is often. My pumpkins are still the greenhouse kings and they let the rest know it. Already, their vines are taking shape and towering over the other seedlings showing off their distinct leaves and quick growing ability. The chickens are pretty much full grown and we still have worries of a rooster. I hope we are wrong in our assumptions. *Only about 30 minutes after writing this post it was confirmed. We have a rooster.*

My sheep are another story. I called our shearer the other day and he's supposed to come out soon to clip them of their winter wool. I am awaiting this day with great anticipation because we aren't positive they are bred. Our ram is pretty young and even though his effort was never ending, we just aren't positive that he was - ahem - 'ready'. Time will tell and we still have a little while before we can officially say yea or nay. I so desperately want lambs this year, I may shed a few tears if we don't have any. Sniff. Wouldn't you?

I often wonder about this life that God has led my husband and I to. What is His plan, purpose, and direction for it? I read about, hear about, and witness people all around me getting the 'bug' so to speak. Right now it seems that people are really wanting to go back in time a bit and live a simpler life. People want to witness life in all it's forms. Really we all are wanting to see God and it is so easy to when you live this way. I'm not sure how you can deny His existence when you see a lamb be born, or your very first seedling pop up from the soil. It's truly a thrill! I believe 100% that the most miraculous event (physical...not spiritual. Salvation of course reigns supreme.) that a person experiences is the birth of a child. There is nothing sweeter than the reward of a child after the hours of travail and grueling pain. The sweet smell of a newborn, the warmth of their skin, looking them over intently and meeting the new little one that God has given you. I'm almost to tears right now, I love my babies!

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Are you one of those people? Do you yearn for a garden, livestock, a simpler life? Do you desire a spouse, happiness, children? These are great things to desire, but I hope that all of us desire God the most. I hope that we surrender our lives to Him and let Him guide us. It is easy to get distracted these days; there are so many things that can take away our attention. The Lord is merciful and is always patient with this child of His - moi. He always gently leads me to the Rock that I can lean on, the River where my thirst will forever be quenched.

Physically my family is taking the path less taken. Farming is not necessarily glamorous and it seems that celebrity and glamour are what a lot of people want today. Farming is definitely not the life of ease.  We want a life that is spent growing, raising, and nurturing life so it can in turn nurture us. We desire to spend our time helping others, for we truly desire with our farm to bless others. Right now we are still figuring out the kinks, but this farm is not ours, it's God's and we want to use it to bless others, feed others, and point others to the One that matters.

Spiritually we are living the path less taken. It seems that the idea of God is attacked from every corner. And let me just say, God is NOT an idea. He is not just some moralistic 'being' that floats in the sky and tells us the things we cannot do. He is not some goody-two-shoes that is a pushover and merely makes suggestions for how people should live. He is not a figment of the imagination that people have created so they can explain away their fears. No, He is the embodiment of perfection. He is truth, He is holy, He is righteous, and He is just. He is the Creator of life and without Him, we wouldn't be.

May my life, my family, and yes, this blog point in one direction...up. I am living proof that God loves and saves sinners. Lord willing, my life will not be lived in vain. Lord willing, my husband and I will use what we've been given to bless and teach others.

When I am old and my life is spent, I hope to look back and see Christ and all the He's done through His servant.

I hope I will always continue to take the path less taken.

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  1. I love your blog! Visited via The Prairie Homestead Barn Hop. Will be following. It is so heartwarming to see young families dedicated to living a Godly life. Thank you for sharing yours as an inspiration to others.
    (PS: I've always had a soft spot for sheep..they're so like us)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad I'll be seeing you around again. And yes, sheep are a lot like us. ;)

  3. I can relate to your words and feelings so much. I too strive with all my being to be a Proverbs 31 woman. I also love the way I am able to see God in all that is about me, to choose a life of simplicity and to go on the road less taken.

    The only thing I am having trouble relating to just now is those trees already getting heavy with fruit, etc. We are still very much in the midst of winter here. We can see Spring coming but it will be yet a while before any fruit trees have fruit on them!

    Have a blessed week!

  4. I love this post! I too desperately want to be the proverbs 31 women! You have a beautiful family and farm. We are traveling the road less traveled on an urban homestead. It's a harder way of life but oh how God rewards the efforts of homeschooling, homesteading, and creating most things with our own hands. It is in those times I can see his perfect design.

  5. We too felt the call from God to farm life and are trying to follow Christ down the road less traveled...we love our new home and way of life. Pray for me if you will, I would love to be at home on our farm daily working beside my husband. The reality is someone must work to pay for feed, gasoline, diesel for the tractor, electricity and of course the mortgage and taxes. We need direction, self-control when it comes to spending (knowing whats really necessary and what is not) and a profitable crop or other income source for my husband who has not worked in over 3 years. It is a struggle to keep my heart in the right place lately, but by Gods grace, mercy and guidance I will see Him Glorified.

  6. I understand Regina, money is always (unfortunately) needed and yet can make life complicated. Have you ever read Joel Salatin's book "You Can Farm"? It is great and I highly recommend it. It gives a very clear perspective of life, finances, and such when it comes to farming. Thanks for stopping by and I know that God will lead you and your family down the path that He's chosen for you.
    Lots of love,

  7. Yes Steffanie, when we get back to a more simple way of living we can very much see God's design. :)

  8. Our winter here was almost nonexistent this year and all the warm weather we've been having has made everything bloom VERY early. On Thursday we are expected to get to 88 degrees. I'm not ready for that kind of heat yet...I miss the winter at times. Our summers get extremely hot and so when it starts to warm here all I can think of is Summer heat. Yuck!

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