Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Garden

I woke up anticipating a day full of picnicking, fishing, and family fun. After all it was my hubby's birthday and I told him that we would do whatever he wanted. I also knew it was Mother's Day and while I adore the day, I also didn't want my man to have to give up his birthday. Earlier in the week Seth said he thought it would be fun to take the kids fishing and I agreed. After all, who doesn't LOVE those pictures of kids holding up their beloved fish.

I do!

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Well, as soon as we woke up I knew plans were changing. On Saturday we went to the Cottonwood Rodeo and had fun, but also felt wiped out. It's hot here already and we got to bed late and slept in.


The morning was getting started and while the coffee was in preparation, Seth came to me and told me he'd rather work in the garden. Now that may not sound like a fun birthday/Mama's day, but I was very excited to hear that. My seedlings were NEEDING to be planted and there was way too much that needed to be done in order for me to do it by myself. And so, we got our rakes, shovels, seedlings, dirt, and elbow grease in tow and got to work.

Mother's Day Garden

It is absolutely lovely and I'm so excited to have a garden this year!!! Last year I was very pregnant and put in our garden too late. So we pretty much didn't get one, single, thing. It was a bummer, I know.

Lord willing, this year we will have an abundance of produce! We still have a lot of work to do in the garden and we plan on building some planter boxes for strawberries and more herbs. Believe me friends, you will see a lot more of our garden soon. I didn't take a bazillion pictures like I normally do, I just wanted to enjoy the day. And I did.

Oh, and I also got a sunburn.

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