Friday, June 7, 2013

I Love...

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There are a lot of things I like, but there are a few things that I LOVE. I love good food, exciting places, and I especially love this handsome guy. I have been blessed with the best hubby and I love it when we get to go have a date. Second date ever without kids since I had Leah and even though I adore my little ones to bits, mama needs some alone time with daddy. It's so refreshing to get to just talk with one another and just plain enjoy each other's company. Seth and I've been blessed with a great marriage and we do our best to keep our relationship what it should be...a relationship.

I do have to apologize that I forgot my 'real' camera. We went to Anselmo Vineyards for dinner and not only is the food AMAZING, but the whole place is breath taking. I would love to have our farm look like Anselmo's. It's like we have a little piece of rustic Italy here in northern CA. I have posted about this place before, but unfortunately didn't get much for scenery shots, it was just too dark. I will friends, one of these days I'll come up here and take so many pictures you won't believe it. Or maybe you will, who knows.

Seth and I like to come here for pizza night because the pizza is THAT good. It is truly gourmet and is so fresh and light. Nothing like that greasy stuff you find at the box stores and it has real ingredients. I love good food, period. I do have to admit though that I love something here even more...creme brulee. It is so rich, creamy, and delicious that I order it everywhere that serves it. Don't be intimidated by calories friends, just enjoy it. According to one of my favorite blogs, it's a health food. I just will use about any reason to eat this stuff. If you haven't ever tried it, please do.

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Isn't it just gorgeous? This is a for real chapel. I'm talking hand chiseled stone, 3 cast bronze bells, and the whole nine yards. Seth has done a lot of work here (dirt work, concrete, and the like) and he has had an espresso many times with the fellows who were flown in from Italy to work on the chapel. You read right, flown in. The owner of this place has quite the fortune and has spared no expense. I have to admit that I was pretty jealous of his espresso-sharing-with-real-Italians, but I'll get over it.

We ended our meal with a walk from the restaurant to the chapel and it was lovely. Nice and warm with a slight breeze, the views were breathtaking, and the conversation was easy. We were daydreaming about what it would be like to go to Europe together. We've both been before, but it was before we knew one another. We had a blast on our trips, but we know it would be WAY more fun to go together. Seth said that we should go for about two weeks and choose one area to visit. That way we wouldn't be trying to squeeze too much in and we would get to really see and explore an amazing place. I asked where we should choose and he said without hesitation, "Italy." Well, that was a stupid question. Especially considering where we were and what we just got finished looking at.

I love my man. I love {good} food. I love beautiful places. I love sunset walks. I love beautiful architecture. I love new places. I love vineyards. I love the outdoors. I love daydreaming. I love to travel. I love warm breezes. I love my children. I love the Lord.

And yes, I love creme brulee.

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