Saturday, June 8, 2013

Victorian Farm

Hi friends! It's been tiring around here lately and I'm constantly trying to keep up with everything. Weeds are growing with a vengeance, the lambs are thriving, and we have officially started Summer here. I don't care about what the calendar says about the first day of Summer. It's supposed to get to 112 today and friends, that is NOT a springtime temperature. Maybe for the rest of the world the 21st is the start of the Summer season, but for where I live, it started last week.

I treat these days like I do rainy ones...I stay inside.

In fact I'm going to a baby shower today so I'm gonna be making this all day.  Mmmmmm.

If it's an indoor, unbearably hot, and miserable type of day for you today too, let me share something that might perk you up.

Victorian Farm.

Here's the first episode and I dare you to try to NOT watch the whole thing today.


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