Monday, July 15, 2013

A Welcome Home

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Clothes Line Collage

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Hello friends.

It's been a busy week around here and quite frankly, I'm just exhausted. There was no rest when we came home from our trip and I'm perpetually trying to catch up. We're getting about a dozen eggs a day now and so we have an abundance. I'll be making a sign this week and getting ready to be selling these little round balls of goodness. You just can't beat a farm fresh egg. So good.

Not only did we come back to the farm only to be workin' like crazy, but we also had Leah's first birthday party this past weekend. It was great, but was a little much considering we've only been able to get the place ready for a few days before guests arrived. Leah's actual birthday is tomorrow, I can't believe she's already one! Time flies...

Gus and Penny are HUGE and this Fall is going to be the time when our freezers become full with wonderful organic beef. Can't wait to just be able to shop my freezer instead of the store. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a few squash plants survived the flooding disaster and we'll have a small harvest this Summer. Better something than nothing as I like to say. Our lovely pomegranate tree has been trying to bless us with fruit, but the darn birds keep thwarting that effort. We currently have one pomegranate on the tree and I'm hoping to at least get to eat one.

Our other fruit and nut trees are doing well and we should be getting some plums here in the next week or two. I bought my first dehydrator last week and am HIGHLY anticipating getting to use it. Hopefully in the next week or two some things will be finished the house that I'll show off. It will be so nice, but I'm gonna keep my lips closed on this one.

We've had a nice welcome home and I do have to apologize for my lack of posting this past week. I've just been so tired and so have had to spend my energy doing things that need to be done.


  1. Gotta love when the chickens are producing! Nothing like fresh eggs from chickens that were fed good food and good bugs. We lost one of our hens to the heat and egg production has fallen a bit for the others. I can't really blame them, it's just hot.

  2. Beautiful pics!! What gorgeous landscape :) I am jealous of your fruit and nut trees! And yes, farm fresh eggs are THE best! Love my layers!


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