Monday, July 8, 2013

Home Again

Well, we made it home safe and sound yesterday. God was so good and our long drive home was uneventful and actually enjoyable. Our stay with family was so refreshing and we still wish it could have lasted longer. In a few months, we plan to return to Wyoming for a longer visit.

It's a hard morning here on the farm. I've got to go grocery shopping and unpack and just plain ol' get back to work! So with that said, I'm leaving you with a few pics of what we came back to and then I'm off to start my day.

photo (43) tsf copy 1

The only thing that we've had success with, grapes. They are delicious and were a lovely surprise when we got home.

photo (47) tsf copy 1

We lost two chickens while we were away. It got soooo hot, I'm talking 115! This is the new window we have in our coop. My dad is awesome and he helped us out. It is the second window we have in the coop now and we're hoping is will help with a cross draft.

photo (45) tsf copy 1

photo (46) tsf copy 1

The lambs as you can tell have grown like weeds! They are so cute and I wish I could just snuggle their squishy wool. No chance at that happening though. They are as fast as lightning. I'm serious.

photo (44) tsf copy 1

I hope you have a fantastic Monday and I hope I do to.   :)


  1. I just had to comment about your nice big chicken pen, it's great! unfortunate that you last chickens, I take it from heat stroke? It's the worst thing about having animals in summer. I hope that window helps! You could also try a less water wise method: a sprinkler on the roof during the hot part of the day. The county far I showed in as kid did that to cool their metal building and it worked great.

  2. I've been leaving a hose running for a bit in the run so the chickens can cool off in it. And yes, it was from heat stroke. Great idea about the sprinkler!


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