Friday, July 5, 2013

Welcome to Wyoming

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We have had an absolutely wonderful time on our trip. Wyoming is truly a spectacular place and the Summers are incredible. The hottest it's been here is about 90 degrees, where at home it got up to a scorching 115! I could cry that we have to go home to the oven tomorrow, but alas we do.

My hubby grew up in Cody Wyoming and we are thankful for this gorgeous place that we get to call our second home.

I have taken a few hundred pictures (seriously) and have selected the best to show you. There are quite a lot, so please relax and enjoy this beautiful place.

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Jude just loves to shoot his bow and arrow at home. Well he got to shoot the real deal and he did great. The gentleman you see sitting down is Jude's great grandfather. His name is John Schulz and he is a famous archer and bow maker. The bow Jude is shooting is one that John made...I'm pretty sure.

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Seth's dad couldn't be greater. I'm so blessed to have him for my father-in-law and the kids are blessed to have such a hands on grandpa. He taught Jude how to properly hold and shoot his bow and I was there to capture it.

Meanwhile, the girls were being their normal silly selves. Doing a little of this...

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and this...

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What a blessed time of generations enjoying the beautiful weather and each other. Do you see Ella?

Silly girl.

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Here's the garden. I'm in love with it and it's actually a producing garden.

Unlike mine.

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Must get a swing set, PRONTO! The kids love this thing and it is so much fun for them to play on.

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This is the house that Seth's dad grew up in and guess what, so did Seth! Such a cute little place. It sits below the current house and is a rental at the moment.

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Here's the McNeil residence. They started to build this house when Seth was 16 and he moved out when he was 18 or 19 so he never really lived in this house for long. It is such a cool place though. Just wait and see.

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Seth's dad was a stone mason and he built this fireplace. It goes through the whole house which is three stories!

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Here's the basement.

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This is the view from the house. Isn't it just gorgeous? And the sky, wow.

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There are for real homesteads on their place. Here are some pictures of them. This is one that the use to store hay and provide shelter for their horses.

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I love this picture. Ella was in trouble and the horse (Ritz) was thinking he should probably listen in.

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View from the homesteads.

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Isn't this such a wonderful place? I told you it was everything you thought of when you thought of the West!

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I hope you enjoyed this montage of our slice of Wyoming.


  1. Beautiful pictures! What an amazing place.

  2. Oh my gosh! Those pictures and that place couldn't be more beautiful! I would love to visit Wyoming some day! Thanks for sharing a slice of it!
    Vickie @ Making Our Sustainable Life


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