Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chick Days


Can you tell I'm excited? I hope so.

Let's rewind a year, shall we? Last winter Seth and I were planning on getting chicks. I was so excited I could hardly stand the suspense of coup building and chick ordering. Alas, we got terribly busy and realized that it really wasn't a wise thing to do, so we put them off for another year. I was disappointed to say the least, but I knew that it was the best decision.

This year we are still really busy, but feel like we are in a better position to add a new species of animal to our livestock. I am so very excited to raise chickens. I've never been a fan of birds, but I have a feeling that is all going to change now. Don't get me wrong, I will not be cuddling with a chicken, nor will I be kissing one. I do not consider livestock to be 'pets'. I thoroughly enjoy them, but out of pure enjoyment is not why my hubby and I have animals. They serve a purpose and that Yes, you heard me right.

I wholeheartedly believe that as the stewards of what has been given to us by God, we have a responsibility to raise, care for, and handle animals properly. Are they fed well and have water? Yes. Do they have shelter? Yes. Are they cared for when they get sick? Yes. Are they treated like my children and hugged, kissed, and fawned over? No.

Sorry, but you won't ever hear me refer to my animals as my 'four legged children'. Won't happen.

You will see me thoroughly enjoying, caring for, and sometimes laughing at the farm bums antics. You may even get a few names uttered under my breath when the jerk-faces, err sheep get out.

My point is, and yes I've got off on a tangent (sorry, probably won't be the last), that I want to convey that while I enjoy my animals, they aren't equal in my affections for my kids, hubby, family, and so on.

Alright now that we have that taken care of. What were we talking about? Oh, yes. Chicks!

I had my wonderful man video me surprising the kids with the baby chicks. Their reactions were so sweet and animated. Mainly my son Jude. He should be a professional storyteller.

We also took a bunch of pictures. Here's a brief look at our afternoon. It was lovely and sooo much fun!

Have you not had enough chick goodness? Well, here's a video of me surprising the munchkins.


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